key words Vol. No. page @ report
Ulcer of the tongue Vol.84 No.08 605-610 Makoto Furugen et al. Tuberculosis of the Tongue Initially Suspected of Tongue Cancer: A Case Report
Ultra-old tuberculosis Vol.79 No.4 297-300 Shuichi YANO et al. The Clinical Features of Ultra-Old Tuberculosis Patients in Our Hospital
Ultrathin fiberscope Vol.75 No.01 47-50 Seiki HASEGAWA et al. Endoscopic Approach to Pulmonary Diseases 2. Bronchoscopy for Critical Respiratory Care in Neonates, Infants, and Children
Under standing level Vol.77 No.07 521-526 Hideko ISHII et al. Understanding Level on Tuberculosis Among Hospital Nurses
Underlying disease Vol.76 No.05 419-426 Setsuko TAZAWA et al. Evaluation of Repidly Growing Mycobacteria Isolates in a General Hospital:Reports form the Hospital Microbiology Laboratory
Underlying disease Vol.76 No.09 619-624 Mouka TAMURA et al. A Study on Relation between Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Underlying Diseases
Underlying disease Vol.79 No.1 1-6 Yoshihiro KOBASHI et al. Clinical Analysis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Detected during Follow-up of Other Underlying Diseases
Unidentified strain Vol.81 No.09 551-558 Yuko KAZUMI et al. Identification of Mycobacteria by Sequencing of rpoB Gene and 16S rRNA
Unified standard Vol.78 No.2 65-68 Kazuhiko KAMEDA Suggestions for Better Management of the Tuberculosis Advisory Committee
Unilateral Vol.81 No.1 15-17 Kunihiko ITO Comparison of Sputum Positive Rate between Bilateral vs. Unilateral Lung Tuberculosis
University hospital Vol.75 No.02 103-124 Chairpersons:N. Narita, S. KUDOH Current Status of Tuberculosis Education in Universities and Future Tasks
University hospital Vol.78 No.2 111-114 Chairpersons:R. AMITANI, H. TOGA Education and Training Concerning Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis
University hospital employee Vol.77 No.06 457-463 Yoichi NAKANISHI et al. Questionnaire About Impression and Knowledge of Tuberculosis in Employees and Students in a University Hospital
University student Vol.75 No.04 363-368 Ken SATOH et al. Tuberculin Survey of University Students and Postgraduates in 1998
Upper lobes Vol.78 No.4 347-351 Shinya KONDO et al. Predominant Location of Pulmonary Parenchymal Lesions of Tuberculosis Primary Complex in Infants Aged Less Than One Year
Up-to-date scientific evidence Vol.80 No.07 541-546 Mitsuhiro USHIO Amendment of Tuberculosis Prevention Law and Prospect of Tuberculosis Control Program
Urban area Vol.75 No.10 611-617 Chairpersons:T. TAKETORIGE, T. AHIKO Tuberculosis Control of Urban Areas in Japan
Urban area Vol.82 No.10 749-757 Setsuko KINOSHITA et al. Outbreaks of Tuberculosis in Facilities Used by an Unspecified Number of People near a Train Station-Problems Regarding Tuberculosis in Urban Areas-
Urban areas Vol.82 No.11 863-880 Chairpersons: A.SHIMOUCHI and M.OHMORI Tuberculosis Control in Urban Areas
Urban city Vol.75 No.09 533-544 Toshio TAKATORIGE. et al. Factors Related to the Slowdown in the Reduction of the Tuberculosis Incidence Rate in Osaka City-Structure of the High Incidence Rate of Tuberculosis in Osaka City Analyzed by Administrative-Ward Group, Five-Year Period and Age Group
Urban city Vol.84 No.11 701-707 Hidetoshi IGARI Tuberculosis among Construction Workers from Dormitory Housings in Chiba City
Urban health services  Vol.85 No.3 158-162, Hamood Yahya MAHYIUOB AL-HONAHI  et al. A Trial to Mobilize NGO Health Volunteers to Improve Tuberculosis Patient Care in SANA'A City, YEMEN
Urban Problem Vol.77 No.10 679-686 Toshio TAKATORIGE Tuberculosis Control and Strategy as an Urban Problem
Urban tuberculosis Vol.79 No.1 17-24 Yuki TADA et al. Tuberculosis Control in Kawasaki City-Promoting the DOT Program
Uterine tuberculosis Vol.80 No.10 643-646 Hirokazu TANIGUCHI et al. A Case of Endometrial Tuberculosis
Utilization rate of hospital bed Vol.77 No.01 3-9 Tadao SHIMAO How Beds for Tuberculosis be Provided and Utilized?
Uveitis Vol.87 No.06 469-474 Minako MATSUBAYASHI et al. TWO CASES OF TUBERCULOUS UVEITIS